Monthly Archives: September 2014

I always try to find the most magical sun light for all of my clients. This session just proves that waiting for that perfect time of day makes images almost magical.

I got to travel back to my hometown, Hershey, for this session. This little lady’s momma and I used to lifeguard together I won’t say how many years ago. But we always had fun and just like then I had a blast on their photo session. We even had a pit stop for a celebratory cheers! So many beautiful images.

So we may have been a little late to get this little lady’s 3rd birthday photos right on the date, but I think we succeeded in capturing simply stunning photos. These photos remind me of why I LOVE early morning sessions!

I always have so much fun with this family and as usual we captured stunning photos of these gorgeous faces.

Have you ever heard a sweeter name than that? It’s just so sweet and well, perfectly Southern. And considering that Momma and Daddy are from Alabama it’s a perfect fit. I had so much fun with them and their sweet little girl! She was one month by the time we fit in her photo session and was so calm. Momma and Daddy are smitten.